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Our Strategy

Step 1 – Website Audit

Making sure that your website is in great health as far as the search engines are concerned, is your number 1 priority.  No matter how much off site work is carried out, it simply will not work unless your website is built in such a way to allow it to be found for your chosen search terms.  This is why SEO services are needed in order to help get your site above your competitors.

Our advanced website audits and cloud based software will tell you exactly what needs fixing or changing, and what can be improved.  If your business is looking for an SEO expert in the UK, or you’re looking to change provider, then give us a call for chat.  If you need cheap SEO services based in the UK, then we have a wide range of packages at different price points to suit everyone.

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Step 2 – Links and Submissions

Building manually created backlinks on high page rank sites is still an essential factor in helping your website’s ranking, as well as boosting your online presence. Links are built on an ongoing basis to help with the organic growth of your internet marketing strategy. We ensure that multiple styles of linking are implemented including social bookmarking, directory posting plus much more.

We also submit your website regularly to many search engines. Although Google, Yahoo and Bing are the main targets for your success, there are also hundreds of other search engines in the world. Submitting your website to these helps with the indexing process in general and is an effective aspect of the work we carry out.

Inclusive for SEO packages UK and local search targeting,  if you’re looking to expand our work will bring you the desired results; we want more people to find you and if being page 1 of Google is your main concern, you need our help.

Step 3 – Get Social

Having social media accounts that are active daily is not just essential for the image of your brand and attracting new custom, but will also attract positive attention from the search engines and grow your reach beyond what you thought was possible.

Our team of social wizards will take care of multiple accounts for you with one goal in mind – to get your website to page 1 of Google. We will post daily updates, carry out regular social interactions and use our advanced Twitter strategy to bring you a constant stream of targeted followers relevant to your niche and location.  Social media marketing is very much part of our hybrid process, and helps to keep your campaigns organic and relevant.  All of this constant activity will be picked up by the search engines, and they will reward
you for it.

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Step 4 – Content Marketing

The saying “Content Is King” has never been so apt. With the latest changes in Google’s ranking algorithms, websites with well written and relevant content are being favoured more and more. A website that is updated every week or 2 is going to stand a far better chance of being Google’s #1 than a site that is never touched.

Our content writers will research the subject carefully for each blog, and ensure that your keywords are used at optimum density to maximise the success of being picked up by relevant searches.