Increase efficiency and build excitement within your sales team.

The process of selling is both an artform and a science. Whether you look after this side of your business, have a team to manage it for you, or would like our experts to carry out sales campaigns for you, a robust and easy to navigate sales platform is essential. There are many CRMs available, and the popular sales systems tend to come with a hefty price tag and steep learning curve. We believe in working with a fully integrated digital marketing experience that is accessible and affordable for everyone, regardless of experience or budget. Read on to find out how our sales platform will begin to empower and enliven your selling process from the minute you sign up.

A Sales Platform That Makes Sense

We know how hard it can be to find the right software for your sales team, especially at the right price.

With Globalux™ Genesis you will have a plethora of highly innovative and useful features, some found in other platforms and others you probably won’t have seen, to assist you and your team in every step of the selling process. If you have a unique or more complex need for how our sales platform needs to behave for your organisation, we will be happy to carry out custom development work for you.

Experience the boost your sales department is looking for by beginning your free, no obligation trial today.

Inspire Your Sales Team, Attract New Customers

A motivated and driven sales team is the key to the success of every company. If your staff are fumbling around with dated, clumsy, hard to use or otherwise inadequate sales platforms then watch their change in performance and attitude when they start using Globalux™ Genesis. If on the other hand you are still using spreadsheets or pen and paper to keep track of leads and callbacks, get in touch right away for a free demo to see just how much time you can save!


If you feel that it’s time to step up your sales process then you are on the right page. To find out more and have a live demo of Globalux™ Genesis, feel free to call us on 03335 777 157, email or ping us on live chat. Our goal is the same as yours – to bring a new lease of life to your sales team and sales process by utilising the power and efficiency that cloud based marketing products should provide!