There are a lot of factors that go into successful email campaigns, and if you have been finding you’ve been spending more time on this than your main business activities, then Globalux™ Genesis can be the difference for you. Whilst every business owner wants to be heavily involved in the sales and marketing process it’s not always physically possible, so our team are there to lighten the load and provide our expertise to you and your staff so that you can send out the best email campaigns possible.

Perhaps you are a business with many clients and are finding that you not only need to outsource more work, but you need to find a robust, modern and accessible platform to use in your day to day sales activities.  Organisation is fundamental in every business, and the Globalux™ Genesis platform along with our campaign management will help to bring better results and reporting for your email marketing and sales activities overall.

We will analyse and plan your campaign before we begin, and will then use the process of segmentation (if necessary for your campaign) to deliver your emails to the best businesses and/or consumers possible. We will then set out to create an email design that is completely tailored to your brand and your objectives, whilst still utilising modern techniques to catch your reader’s attention.

Once the campaign structure and email design are in place, we will then carry out split testing and implement triggers. Triggers allow you to target again and again, in a strategic way; allowing you to send out specific information to each of your recipients.

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Save Time – We will Track your Progress

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Nurture Leads…Plus Much More!

Target Specific Businesses & Consumers

Utilise our Professional Design Team

Boost Open and Click Rates

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